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Start the new year without the right New Year’s party decoration?

Place the croissants on a baking sheet lined with baking paper, which you then bake for around 15 minutes on the middle rack. When the vanilla crescents without almonds are light yellow, the cookies are ready. While the biscuits are baking, mix 200 grams of sugar or powdered sugar with half a teaspoon of cinnamon in a small bowl: If the vanilla crescents come out of the oven hot, they should be tossed in the cinnamon-sugar mixture as quickly as possible before setting them aside to cool . But don’t burn your fingers! After this final step, the easy recipe is ready.

Before Christmas, the search for Christmas presents, dreaded by many men, is in full swing. What should you buy for your partner? How easily the decision can go wrong and turn into a reproachful "Actually, you should know me better …" end up. The almost one hundred percent slip-on guarantee is available for household goods or socks. When asked about their greatest wishes, most women would be happy to have their own cleaning lady. Chic dresses are also popular – provided they are of the right brand.

Women’s wishes: cleaning lady and designer dress

According to a current study by GfK, men are willing to have a gift for their loved one cost an average of up to 193 euros. That is twice as much as women spend on their sweetheart. Men’s Health magazine asked women directly what their hearts’ desires are for Christmas. In first place was the undisputed cleaning lady. Almost three out of four women would be thrilled not to wave the rag themselves anymore. Second place – typically women – is taken by fashion. It should be a dress, but a luxurious piece from the designer, please. Two out of three women would be happy about it. Well over half of the women are enthusiastic about an elegant finger ring. You are usually right with perfume, even if it is not an exceptional gift. After all, most women feel more attractive with a great scent. And over half of women like to have several perfumes at home that they can take turns using depending on the occasion.

Socks and kitchen utensils are taboo

From then on, however, it becomes more difficult with the gifts: With lingerie you only attract a little more than a third of the women from behind the Christmas tree. Kitchen machines are even worse. Just don’t give something like this away unless your loved one has specifically asked for it. Otherwise, in most cases, the Christmas blessing will hang crooked. Socks are absolutely taboo for more than three quarters, as a recent survey by Wal-Mart and Gewis shows. After all, vouchers put off one in four women.

Extraordinary surprises

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But it doesn’t always have to be the standard gifts. Do you dare to give an extraordinary gift? Accessories for their handbags, for example, because most women never go out without a bag. Where else should cosmetic utensils or handkerchiefs be kept? How about, for example, a practical handbag holder for tables? The next evening in the restaurant is sure to come. How practical would it be if the bag floats on the hook above the floor instead of becoming a trip hazard on the floor. Or catch stains of dirt. Your partner has probably also scolded her full handbag, in which she had to look for the lipstick for a long time. In such a case, a bag with interior lighting would be a useful alternative. However, you have to spend a little more for this, because the practical invention has its price (299 euros, as seen on You won’t have to wait long again while she rummages in her pocket.

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Even in rich countries, the situation of children is anything but rosy. This is what the UN children’s aid organization Unicef ​​reports after an investigation in 41 countries. Germany is in second place overall behind Norway. But except in the Nordic countries, Germany and Switzerland, children are often in a precarious position, explains Unicef.

In Romania, poverty affects every third child

Every fifth child worldwide lives in relative poverty. According to the study, the differences between the individual countries are large: in the Scandinavian countries, poverty affects only one in ten children, but more than one in three in Romania and Israel. In addition, every eighth child runs the risk of not getting enough to eat. In the USA and Great Britain it is every fifth child, in Germany only every twentieth.

All countries still have tasks to fulfill in order to meet the sustainability goals of the United Nations that are relevant for children. In Germany, Unicef ​​complains about fine dust pollution in cities.

Children in Scandinavian countries are doing comparatively well

For their study, the Unicef ​​experts examined the situation of children using the nine criteria for sustainable development formulated by the United Nations – including poverty, inequality, health, education and security.

After Norway and Germany, the Scandinavian countries Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland follow in third to sixth place. The USA, on the other hand, is far behind in 37th place.

Unicef ​​study on the situation of children: Chile in last place

In Germany, 15 percent of children lived below the poverty line, in the USA more than 29 percent. The authors of the study attribute the comparatively low poverty rate among children in Scandinavia primarily to social transfer payments.

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The countries examined by Unicef ​​for the study are members of the EU and / or the Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation (OECD). Mexico, Romania, Bulgaria and Chile bottom out in places 38 to 41.

Whether private or in the office, large or small, pompous or more traditional: year after year, people all over Germany organize Christmas parties. So that the attunement for the upcoming holidays doesn’t degenerate into chaos, take precautions in good time.

Advent, Advent … That belongs to a contemplative pre-Christmas season
Photo series with 10 pictures

Organize yourself and create a checklist

Even a Christmas party with a large family can mean a lot of work: ashleys credit card login decorative items have to be bought, food prepared and possibly overnight accommodations organized for those who have traveled. To minimize the hassle, your Christmas party planning should start with a checklist.

The first essential question that needs to be clarified relates to the budget: How much money do you want to spend in total and can the budget – for example in the office – be distributed over individual items? After all, decorations, food and drinks and possibly a DJ, a band or a raffle have to be paid for. Based on this list, numerous further questions will almost automatically answer, since certain things are simply out of the question if you have a tight budget.

Define target group

Another important factor is the number of guests and the guests themselves: So first ask yourself which target group you are organizing the event for: For example, a Christmas party in the office is more formal than a party with friends or family. You use this to set up everything else – the decoration, the supporting program and the food. (Christmas party: rules of conduct so that your career does not suffer)

Inquire about the location in good time

If you want to organize an external location for the Christmas party, you should inquire about it as early as possible – experience shows that from the beginning of December all “classics”, such as well-known restaurants and event halls, are completely booked out. In this context, questions about how to get there, parking facilities and possibly accommodation must also be clarified: Is the location easy for all guests to reach? Where can guests park their car and are there suitable overnight accommodations nearby?

The icing on the cake

And although eating, drinking and socializing are clearly in the foreground at a Christmas party, you can still put the icing on the cake with a separate entertainment program such as live music, competitions or group games.

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When the cornerstones of your celebration are in place, send the invitations or at least a “Save the date” message as early as possible so that the guests appear in large numbers.

Start the new year without the right New Year’s party decoration? Inconceivably. With a few accessories you can quickly and easily spice up the celebration. For example with homemade party hats.

New Year’s Eve customs from Germany and the world
Photo series with 8 pictures

Tinker New Year’s Eve party decorations: Materials required

Making party hats yourself is easier than you might think. You only need very few things in terms of materials: colorful craft paper, scissors, some glue and ribbons. You should also have a few utensils ready with which you can decorate your self-made New Year’s party decoration. The best way to do this is to use some glitter dust, colored beads, tinsel or streamers.

Cut, twist, glue

First cut a circle with a diameter of 25 to 30 centimeters from the colorful cardboard. Mark a point in the center of the circle and cut a straight line from the edge to the center. Then shape the circle into a cone by sliding the sides over each other. Glue the overlapping pieces together, punch two opposing holes on the lower edge and attach a thread or elastic band to them. The party hat is actually already finished.

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Party hat deluxe

So that the New Year’s party decoration gets the finishing touch, you can decorate the accessories with some craft material. Scatter some glitter dust over the party hats or glue small pearls to the brim. For example, you can attach colored tinsel to the tip for a shimmering pompom. In principle, you can use anything that is suitable for a creative and unusual decoration. The best materials that glitter and shimmer – like the New Year’s rockets at midnight.

Tinkering a creative New Year’s Eve decoration poses a challenge for many party-goers year after year. An edible idea: lucky clover biscuits. You can bake these yourself quickly and easily. You will also ensure a happy new year in a culinary way. You can find a recipe here.

New Year’s Eve customs from Germany and the world
Photo series with 8 pictures

Lucky clover biscuits: shortcrust pastry, shamrock form and Co.

The four-leaf clover or the lucky clover belongs to New Year’s Eve like a rocket in a champagne bottle – it should guarantee happiness for the coming year.